EAN kod8595568938091
Tarifni broj73089059
Površinska obradaZn+Mg+Al galvanizing
Otpornost na temperaturu-50 - 150 °C
Funkcionalnost u požaruP90-R, E90, PS90
StandardiČSN EN 61537
Standardi otpornosti na vatruČSN 73 0895, DIN 4102-12, STN 92 0205
Debljina metala1 mm
Količina vijaka za spajanje4
Dimenzija H65 mm
Za visinu kabelske police60 mm

It is used for making an additional branching use an unequal T-piece or cross. Advantage of this using is availability to choose bending tray with any width. The reduction piece is delivered in singles, must be used 2 pieces for installation. The connection is performed using the bolts NSM 6X10. The cover of a horizontal VOH branch can be used to cover routes with a reduction piece.

Note for system with maintained functionality in fire:
You find more information in the catalogue Systems with maintained functionality in fire.