EAN kod8595057612648
Tarifni broj85363030
Težina0,04 kg/pcs
Materijal bez uljayes
Samogasivi30 s
Nazivni napon<= 400 V
Nazivna struja<= 16 A
Otpornost na temperaturu-5 - 60 °C
Probna petlja850 °C
Prosječni72 mm
Dubina44 mm
Promjer rupa (bušenih)73 mm
Preporuka proizvođača
For all range of products in hollow walls, we recommend using the milling sets supplied by us.
Klasa reakcije na požarA1 - F
Mogućnost povezivanja 2 kutije u nizuyes
Vrste zaštiteIP30
StandardiČSN EN 60 670-1
Opis paketa
boxes together with rings separately packed in cardboard

For mounting into plaster with a thickness of 12.5 mm. Assembly ring enables installation even in double double wall of 2x 12.5 mm. Quick installation without screws - only pressed into the assembly ring. The IP30 protection a box fitted with an appropriate lid or a device with a higher or equal  IP30 protection. During the assembling there is necessary to dimple the edge of plasterboard.

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