EAN kod8595568932327
Tarifni broj39259080
Težina0,0360 kg/pcs
Materijal bez uljayes
Samogasivi30 s
Nazivni napon<= 400 V
Nazivna struja<= 16 A
Otpornost na temperaturu-5 - 60 °C
Probna petlja850 °C
Prosječni73 mm
Dubina45 mm
Promjer rupa (bušenih)81 mm
Klasa reakcije na požar podložnog materijalaA1 - F
Prostor kada spojimo dvije kutije71 mm
Omogućava montažu dvostruke utičniceyes
Vrste zaštiteIP 30
StandardiČSN EN 60 670-1
Opis paketa
boxes loosely inserted into the carton, instrument screws included

Possibility of a fixed connection in a continuous row with a spacing of 71 mm. Boxes can be connected to KPR 68/D. Inlet openings made of flexible material. Install the cable or pipe by pulling out the pre-molded inlet on the flexible membranes and inserting the cable or pipe into the resulting hole. Empermeable airtightness of the penetration even when the cable or pipe is inserted. Suitable for low-energy or passive houses. The IP30 protection a box fitted with an appropriate lid or a device with a higher or equal IP30 protection. Protected by a European industrial and utility model.