EAN kod8595057632738
Tarifni broj85381000
Težina0,4970 kg/pcs
Materijal bez uljayes
Samogasivi30 s
Nazivni napon<= 400 V
Nazivna struja<= 16 A
Otpornost na temperaturu-5 - 60 °C
Probna petlja850 °C
Širina234 mm
Visina176 mm
Dubina79 mm
Klasa reakcije na požar podložnog materijalaA1 - D
StandardiČSN EN 60 670-1
Opis paketa
individual boxes with lids packed in shrink foil and provided with a label and placed in a carton

A large number of knockouts for inserting cables and pipes. Possibility to install support trunking TS 35 and equipotential terminal plate. Option to set the lid using oval holes in the box to the horizontal position. Possibility to break the sidewall for easier cable handling.