EAN kod8595057644953
Tarifni broj85369010
Težina0,10 kg/pcs
Bojablack (can be supplied in white)
Samogasivi30 s
Nazivni napon<= 500 V
Otpornost na temperaturu-30 - 105 °C
Probna petlja850 °C
Širina82 mm
Visina82 mm
Debljina28 mm
Klasa reakcije na požarA1 - F
Opis paketa
packed in cardboard, intended for metal boxes 7116 a 7216

6303-11: four separate fields for connecting up to 2x three and 2x four conductors of up to 4 mm2. When used with terminal plate with box with protective terminal, ground connection must be removed.

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